auto car detailing dubai uae

When you bring your vehicle to Mr. Cars, you expect to get it from us looking like a million dollars. This is exactly what our full-service interior and exterior car detailing packages provide! Our vehicle maintenance professionals will relieve the fear of putting swirl marks on your car’s clear coat, and will absolutely make sure that it receives the maximum care it deserves.

We offer complete auto detailing solutions in Dubai. Our services include vacuuming, scrubbing, and stains and grime extraction in the center console, dash, headliner, windows, and even in the most hard-to-reach areas like compartments and vents. All these parts are meticulously cleaned to guarantee that they are dirt and dust-free.

With strict adherence to high-quality car detailing standards, Mr. Cars takes special pride in ensuring that your car’s interior is returned to its brand-new state. Its crew of car specialists will not leave you with slippery seats or greasy plastic surfaces from poor-quality cleaners. They only utilize superior-quality cleaning products which are proven non-toxic and safe to use especially on your vehicle’s delicate interior parts.

Mr. Car’s polishing service is second-to- none because of the first-class materials used to ensure that your vehicle’s exterior surface is returned as close as possible to the condition it was in when you originally purchased it. Other car parts such as the rims, tires, wheel wells, trims, windows, and door jams are protected and cleaned individually by hand as well. After removing surface contaminants such as road dirt, small abrasions, oxidation or tar, a light buffing is applied to the exterior of your vehicle along with high-performance wax upon request.

Make your appointment with Mr. Cars Auto Maintenance today and get only the best auto detailing service in Dubai! If you want to know more about the auto workshop’s other offered services, feel free to browse through our website.